Training and certifying.

This week Green Dog Pest Service will host the 2nd Annual WDDO West Coast Certification Testing opportunity and Handler's Clinic with trainer David Latimer. Approximately 15-20 teams will try to certify using the WDDO test which requires using the Double-Blind methodology. In a double-blind test, nobody in the testing area knows how many hidden vials of bed bugs there will be or which rooms they will be hidden in. We believe it is important to have our dogs certified with the most difficult testing standards available to bed bug dogs. WDDO also certifies narcotics, accelerant and termite dogs.


We will be training in Chino, CA on Friday, March 20 and Saturday March 21. Testing will take place in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday and from 8-11 on Sunday March 22.

For more information on the testing standards please visit: WDDO.ORG. For more information on this event (951) 790-2847.