Minimal preparation required prior to inspections.


  • Turn off any HEAT SOURCES at least 30 minutes prior to inspection. A/C and fans are okay.
  •  All pets, and their food/ treats must be removed from inspection area. Pet bedding may be left. Cats and their litter boxes can be placed in bathroom with door closed. 
  • Please limit the number of people in the home during inspections. We may ask that people wait outside the inspection area so that the dogs are not distracted.
  • Please pick up any glue traps, snap traps or any other items that may hurt the K9 or handler.

 We cannot inspect areas which have:

  • Have any powder substances including Diatomaceous Earth, Boric Acid, Silica Gel or dusts. 
  • Exposed carpet tacks or other areas containing sharp objects
  • Any areas that may be deemed unsafe for the dog by the handler.