Tenants & bed bugs. Do you know California's laws?

Every day we get calls from both landlords and tenants wanting to know who is responsible for bed bugs in a rental unit. Our standard answer is that we are an inspection specialist, not legal help. All we can do is provide inspection services to determine if live bed bug activity is present in the dwelling.

California has a bed bug - tenant law on the books. Every property manager and PCO who performs bed bug inspections or treatments should know about the law. If you want to read the law that was passed in August 2016 click here

If you want to read what the California Rental Housing Association is telling their members click here. Some highlights from an article published by CRHA regarding this law, and relevant to PCOs:

  • Written notice to tenants after inspection: Whenever a dwelling unit is inspected for bed bugs by a pest control operator (PCO) (licensed by the State Structural Pest Control Board), owners are required to provide the tenants of those units with a report containing the PCO’s findings. The notification must be in writing and made within two business days of receipt of the PCO’s findings. This provision is effective January 1, 2017.
  • Common area infestations: When a PCO confirms a bed bug infestation in a common area (including building hallways, shared laundry rooms and staircases, elevators, designated garbage areas and laundry rooms), all tenants must be provided notice of the PCO’s findings. This provision is effective January 1, 2017.
  • Vacant dwelling units with infestations: Rental property owners may not show, rent, or lease to a prospective tenant any vacant dwelling unit that the owner knows has a current bed bug infestation.

    At Green Dog, we perform one specialized service, K-9 assisted bed bug inspections. Our service includes providing written reports via email within 1 business day, most times within the hour of the inspection. Our company and our teams are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board and because we voluntarily, annually certify our teams with an independent third-party testing organization, our reports will have credibility should legal actions be taken. 

    Whether you are a property manager, pest control operator or tenant, it is important to know and understand your legal responsibilities and rights regarding bed bugs. #bedbugs #K9scentdetection