Customer feeback!

We keep two things in mind when we head off on an inspection:

  1. Never miss a bug!
  2. Be extremely easy to work with.

We figure if we can accomplish those two goals, we are doing a great job for our customers.  We know you have options when it comes to K-9-assisted bed bug inspections and we appreciate the business. We've been fortunate enough to receive some very nice feed back from some of our clients recently and we wanted to share it. 

I need to tell you how much I appreciate your help yesterday. I imagine Alex communicated it over, but we had a difficult client yesterday and your team really helped us out. Thank you very much for the partnership!
— Hotel Management
We’ve been working with a different canine scent detection company lately and have been getting excellent results. They are providing better accuracy, are easier to deal with and seem to be committed to increasing the quality of canine inspections. They just did 947 rooms for us in San Diego and did a great job. Frankly, they are starting to win me over and I’m becoming more confident in canine bed bug inspections, when done correctly.
— Pest Control Operator

If you find yourself in need of K-9-assisted bed bug inspection services, we hope you give us a call and learn how we can provide you with superior service. We cover all of Southern California on a daily basis and are available to Northern California, parts of Oregon and Washington on a scheduled basis. (951) 790-2847