Green Dog Pest Service K-9 canine-assisted bed bug detection teams, sometimes called bed bug dogs or bed bug sniffers. Our dogs are more than just your run of the mill bed bug inspection K-9's, they are part of a certified bed bug detection team! Our handlers and our company are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board.  We are the largest inspection only inspection service in the state. We have nine certified bed bug dog teams available! We can perform bed bug inspections in apartments, homes, condos, student housing, dorms, hotels, motels, buses, movie theaters, you name it! We perform K-9-assisted bed bug inspections throughout California, Seattle, WA and Portland, OR! 

The World Detector Dog Organization, WDDO is a third-party scent detection certification organization that tests our bed bug detection teams to make sure that they are able to find live bed bugs and their viable eggs. The WDDO has the highest testing standards available to bed bug detection dogs. They conduct their tests using a random, double-blind methodology. To find out more about our certification and the stringent annual testing process our bed bug dog teams go through visit the WDDO website

We are proud to be members of the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). 

State Requirements

The California Structural Pest Control Board requires anyone who sells a pest control service or identifies any pests, to be licensed by the State Structural Pest Control Board. We are a fully licensed pest control company however, we do not treat for bed bugs or offer any pest control services, we leave that up to the licensed pest control provider of your choice. When you hire Green Dog Pest Service for your bed bug inspection needs, you are contracting with a company legally allowed to perform bed bug inspection services. The states of Oregon and Washington do not have licensing available to inspection only companies however we use the same K-9 teams, the same training, the same reports and the same care that we take in states where we hold pest control licenses.