Bed bug dogs use their noses to sniff out bed bugs. Our bed bug dogs sniff out live bugs and viable eggs. Our dogs work in the same manner as police dogs used to sniff for drugs. In fact, our bed bug dogs are trained the same as police dogs and we certify our K-9 teams with the same testing organization that test some police department K-9 teams. 

For the dogs, it's a big game of hide and seek. They are searching for the odor of live bed bugs in order to receive their reward ... their favorite toy!

How accurate are bed bug dogs?

The most accurate inspection available is with a certified K-9 team and a licensed pest control handler. Green Dog teams are always certified and our handlers are all licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board as Field Representatives. In a clinical study by the University of Florida, dogs in the study were 97.5% accurate with no false alerts. See the study here

How long does a bed bug inspection take using dogs?

Besides being amazingly accurate at finding bed bugs, K-9 assisted bed bug inspections are much faster and much less invasive than visual inspections. Dogs can smell where we can't see! We don't have to remove mattresses from box springs or take off electric outlet plates. This makes the time of the search quicker and easier for residents.